On the evening of September 12, the South Dakota Attorney General was driving home from a fundraiser, when his car struck a large object in the road. Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg called the police, believing he had hit a deer. But the very next day, Ravnsborg discovered that he had hit and killed a human being. Get the full story here.

Now, just over a month later, we now have a two-minute and 22-second recording of the call he made to police. Also, we have learned that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was zero percent when taken the next day. You can read the full follow-up story here.

Before we dive into this, you can either listen to the audio of the conversation between Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and the dispatcher that fateful night in the Valley News Live story or you can also listen below:

When you listen, it sounds like a pretty normal call - Ravnsborg just tells the dispatcher he thinks he may have hit a deer, but he was not sure. What he was sure of, was that his windshield was smashed. So, I was curious about that. How could he have not seen an entire adult human being, hurdling at his face (even at night)?

If you look at the picture in this post from Daily Mail, you can see that the car's windshield has a hole in it, besides being smashed. So, is someone supposed to be convinced that a grown man nearly went through another person's windshield, and the driver thought he was only a deer? To me, if a person is sober, alert, and paying attention to the road, that person would at least see the object they hit, right? I mean, I've driven in Podunk, nothing but two lanes, wildlife, and blackness. I have always seen the animals that cross my path, even at high speeds. Unless his windshield somehow got smashed another way?

I also wonder why his BAC wasn't taken at the time of the crash, especially when the sheriff just lent his personal vehicle out to the Attorney General. And can we really believe that the Attorney General was actually paying attention? I mean the guy has MANY speeding violations. Only one person knows the whole truth of what happened that night, and I hope the truth is either out there or somehow does get out.

I will continue to update on this story as long as we keep getting information on the story.

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