Last September, South Dakota Attorney General, Jason Ravnsborg was driving home from an event, when he hit something on the road - a human being named Joe Boever. After the accident, Ravnsborg called police because he claimed that he thought he hit a deer "in the middle of the road." The sheriff, who came to the scene, gave his personal car to Ravnsborg to get home that night. The next day, Ravnsborg discovered that he had, in fact, hit a human and not a deer.

After some investigation, it was discovered that the Attorney General had been distracted while driving, and Boever was not "in the middle of the road" at the time he was killed. Ravnsborg was driving on the shoulder when he struck Boever. On top of that, a released interview video of Ravnsborg revealed that Joe Boever's glasses were inside of the vehicle that struck him - indicating, Boever's face went through Ravnsborg's windshield.

KX News reports that Ravnsborg's next hearing is scheduled for May 12, 2021. But, instead of suffering the consequences of taking the life of another human being, the South Dakota Attorney General is celebrating a promotion. According to Ravnsborg's Facebook page, he "made the promotion list to full COLONEL in the Army Reserves."

Check out Jason Ravnsborg's celebratory post below.

I am not saying that Jason Ravnsborg set out to kill anyone on that night in September 2020. But the man has a record of reckless behavior behind the wheel - it is a miracle someone was not killed sooner. A man lost his life, family and friends will forever be scarred by their loved one's cruel death, and the person with a title and some power continues to live a rewarding life.

Just like in North Dakota, politicians get a pass on crimes the commoners would end up imprisoned for.

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