North Dakota's favorite governor, South Dakota's Kristi Noem is growing antsy about an unresolved case of an attorney general hitting and killing a pedestrian with his car. The question is: should Jason Ravnsborg criminally charged or cleared for killing Joe Boever?

According to Billings Gazette, Governor Noem "would support using a grand jury to decide whether charges should be filed against South Dakota's attorney general." The report says that Governor Noem wants to speed up the process of this case, because a the suffering family needs resolve. Apparently, cellphone data and biological evidence are the reason that case is currently at a standstill. Get the full story from Billings Gazette here.

If a person looks at the facts of the case, as well as the current available evidence, one would think that Ravnsborg could be charged and tried. Here is a refresher on what the public knows:

  • At around 10:30 PM on Saturday, September 12, South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was driving about 65 mph when he hit *something* "in the middle of the road."
    • He called the police, talked to a dispatcher, and said he did not see what he hit, before or after the accident.
    • The sheriff came to check out the scene, and ended up loaning Ravnsborg his PERSONAL CAR to drive home.
  • The next morning, Ravnsborg and his chief of staff drove back to the crash scene to discover the body of Joe Boever.
    • Ravnsborg drove to the sheriff's home to report the discovery.
    • The sheriff said he would handle the situation sent Ravnsborg back home.
  • A toxicology report was taken 15 HOURS after the accident - he blew zero-point-zero.
  • It was determined that Ravnsborg was, in fact distracted when he hit Joe Boever.
    • Joe Boever was actually on the shoulder of the road when Ravnsborg struck him.
    • Joe Boever was using a light while he was walking.

The information above is what we currently know. Not to mention the fact that Ravnsborg has a long rap sheet of speeding and traffic violations. So, how is there not enough evidence to bring this case to court?

There is no question that this has been shady since day one. And it is concerning that the people with the power to charge Ravnsborg are delaying the case. I hope that Joe Boever and his family get justice in this horrific situation.



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