Hot 97-5 is bringing back one of our most popular contests, Baby Idol. Once again, we are looking for some of the cutest infants and toddlers in Bismarck-Mandan. 

Let's be honest, with all the negativity going on, it will be nice to fill the internet with some adorable baby photos. We think every single baby is cute, which is why we ask for your help.

If you think you have the cutest toddler or infant in Bismarck-Mandan, enter them in the 2017 Baby Idol contest. Submissions will be accepted Monday, February 20th through Sunday, March 5th. We will then take the following five days to resize photos and place them in a gallery so you can vote.

Voting for round one will be Monday, March 13th through Sunday, March 19th. The top five babies in each category will move on to round two which will take place Monday, March 20th through Sunday March 26th. Winner will be announced Monday, March 27th.

This year, everyone will be able to vote once per day.

The winner of each category will receive a prize worth roughly $600 from the following sponsors:

Get ready for the cutest contest Bismarck-Mandan has ever seen!

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