Being a parent... and a professional entertainer... is a LOT of fun sometimes!

My youngest daughter got "day of the week" socks as a gift a couple weeks ago when my in-laws were in town. It's all she wears now. Each pair has a day of the week and a different animal on them. She shows them off every time I come in the door at the end of a day.

For some reason... tonight I decided to have some fun with this.

Me: "Hey Lily, did you know daddy's socks have animals on them too?"
Lily: "What? I wanna see"
Me: Holding out foot "See"
Elijah: "Dad!!! There's no animals on your socks!!!"
Me: "Yes there are. It's a polar bear next to an igloo in a snow storm."
Both: "WHAT!?!?!?" *both drop to floor to get closer look* "I don't see it!"

Is it bad that almost an hour later, my wife and I are still cracking up about this?