Bill Barth Ford in Mandan, North Dakota, located at 3205 Memorial Highway has reportedly bought out.  Bill Barth Ford has been a staple on the strip in Mandan for many years. They were Norby Rath on Main in Mandan for a long time until Bill Barth bought them and moved them to the current location on Memorial Highway in 1991.

Bill Barth Ford was originally known as Barth Pfeffer Ford and also known as Raymond Ford.

 Their main competition over the years has been Eide Ford in Bismarck, which is located right across the river at 800 E Bismarck Expressway.

Well, it appears Bill Barth Ford has been sold to their competition.  According to sources close to the situation, Bill Barth Ford will become part of Eide Ford beginning as early as August 1st, 2022.  In fact, some staff members have already begun the process of moving over to Eide's current location on Expressway.

It's no secret that these have been challenging times for car dealerships across the region and across the country since COVID-19.  Supply chain issues causing a lack of inventory have really crippled the industry.

The terms of the deal have not been released yet.


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