If you didn't know, T-Pain and Ludacris are coming to the North Dakota State Fair on July 21st.

This is definitely exciting news if you are looking to mix it up; North Dakota mostly attracts country artists.

How To Win

Starting on Monday, June 12th, Hot 97.5 is going to give you a chance to go to the fair and see the show. Listen on weekdays between 10 am and 3 pm for your cue to call.

When you hear the cue, hit us up as soon as you can (701-663-9797). If you're caller number 5, you're as good as gold -- you win!

Heads up, we might ask you to answer a question when you call, but don't worry; there's no need to study.



Surely you know who T-Pain is... If not, let me buy you a drank, sit down and fill you in.

T-Pain is known for the songs "Bartender," "Buy You A Drank," "Can't Believe It," and so many more.

He was even the first winner of the TV show, "The Masked Singer." -- He was the monster.



If you've been watching movies any time within this last decade, you'll know Ludacris has had a part in the Fast and Furious Franchise. He's been in several other movies too, but let's not forget what brought him to fame.

Ludacris is known for his songs "Get Back" and "My Chick Bad." -- Just to name a couple.


Yes, listen to Hot 97.5 every weekday between 10 and 3 to win, or you can always buy your tickets.


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