I'm sure you have heard that old expression "Patience Is A Virtue" - well this is something everyone needs to read without a doubt

SO, take a couple of seconds and realize that around this time of year, as you can imagine, people are trying to get their Christmas gifts sent out through the mail, and of course, the procrastinators will expect nothing less than attempting to do this at the last minute. People are quick to be frustrated with their mail service, venting complaints on social media about WHY it takes so long. In a post written by LeAnn Harvey Clark, several things that we all take for granted are mentioned, and it's staggering, and in my opinion, she is 100% right.

More people than ever are ordering things online these days

The convenience of staying home and shopping at will on your computer is something more and more people are taking advantage of, especially around the holidays. Here are a few paragraphs of what she said:

Dear everyone,
The workers at your local post office are struggling. Everyone is working insanely long hours in an attempt to get all of your packages and mail delivered. So many people order so many things online now. Some are working 6-7 days a week because there are no subs to cover their day off.
Postal vehicles and personal vehicles are only so big. Two boxes of 50 lb. dog food fill up the back of an SUV. Add boxes of toilet tissue and paper towels and the back seat is nearly full.
Now throw in a few hundred Christmas gifts. Each carrier delivers to 700+ mailboxes each day. The actual mail for those 700+ residents takes up a significant amount of space in the vehicle...

I'm right there with you when I am looking forward to receiving a delivery

We all ( and I'm guilty of this as well ) need to take a quick second or two and appreciate the efforts it takes ( especially with lousy, dangerous weather ) to make sure everyone gets their mail.


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