A post on the Bismarck's People Reporting News Facebook page is getting a lot of attention, and for a good reason.

Inappropriate Ad

While driving around Bismarck, you may have noticed something odd.

There's a billboard near the Gateway Mall parking lot, right next to Century High School, that has an ad showing a picture of a woman with a very low-cut top and a QR code with text that says, "Find me."

You might think that doesn't sound too bad, but just wait, there's more.

Duh Duh Duuun!

According to several people commenting on the post, the QR code takes you to the woman's Only Fans account.

If you don't know, Only Fans is a website that allows users to post sexually explicit/suggestive photos; other users may view that content by paying a fee.

Take a look at this photo:

Rachel Fode
Rachel Fode


Some people believe this ad was purposely done, while others believe it is a hack. We tried reaching out to the mall office but were unable to get in contact with anyone; it seems many people in our community are calling in, trying to get this ad removed.

It has also been said that the owner of the billboard is not from Bismarck, so decisions on what is appropriate to place in our community is out of our hands and left to someone who might not understand or see the negative impact an ad like this may have.

I have reached out to the billboard owners via email, and am now waiting for a response. Check back for updates!


Do you think this was a hack? How do you feel about something like this being advertised? Is it harmless or something we shouldn't allow?


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