There’s a dollar bill you might want to be looking out for when doing your day-to-day transactions.

Well, most dollars are only worth well, a dollar, but there’s one in circulation that has a much higher value.

I’ll be honest, I don’t ever carry cash; I will lose it. If not that, I will spend it before you can blink. -It doesn’t even feel like real money once it’s out of the bank, it's like I’ve already spent it.

According to FoxBusiness, in 2014, the Federal Reserve printed new one dollar bills. Roughly three million or more were made without issue.

In 2016, another set of one-dollar bills were put to print. No problem, right?


Unfortunately, the 2016 dollar bills were printed with the same serial numbers as the previous set from 2014.

More Than Slightly Problematic

As you know, the purpose of a serial number is to track dollar bills that are in circulation. Two one-dollar bills cannot have the same serial number, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

According to wealthynickel, six million of these duplicate dollar bills are in circulation.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how you could get thousands of dollars from this; naturally, just as people collect rare coins, people also collect rare paper currency.

According to FoxBusiness the last pair were sold at auction for roughly $6,000.

The Search Is On!

If you want to have your Willy Wonka moment, and find the golden ticket you will need to prove that the serial number one one dollar bill matches another. - You have to prove that, in fact, it is a duplicate. Yes, the burden of proof is on you.

According to the source, only nine matching pairs have been found so far.

If you plan to look for these dollar bills, the source says you should look for these indicators:

  • The dollar bill being labeled with “series 2013"
  • The bill having a “B“ Federal Reserve seal above the serial number.
  • The serial number has to end with a star.
  • The number also needs to fall between B00250000 - B00000001 or B03200001 - B09600000.

Apparently there are internet/Facebook groups dedicated to finding matching pairs; if you're looking for a way to get going on this, I'd start there.


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