The sadness of the end of summer and the last days of golf are behind us

Here is the thing, after spending time in San Diego, California for most of my life, I never realized just how lucky I was to be able to golf year-round. Now in my almost nine years of living in North Dakota, there are two things that I have come to expect, one is the change of seasons, and the other is to know that your golfing days OUTSIDE in January are impossible...So then let's just play INDOORS.

Yes Bismarck soon you can play golf in January

Ok for all you negative nellies ( the plural word for Nelly, I think ), sure you won't physically be able to walk down the fairways of say the Hawktree golf course, but soon you can bring your bag out to a brand new place opening up in January in the Hay Creek Shops, next to the Pizza Ranch on East LaSalle Drive. A huge welcome to X-Golf. Here is what they posted on their Facebook page on November 16th:

"X-Golf Bismarck is coming to North Bismarck! Follow our page for big announcements including our big red carpet grand opening!"  According to "X-Golf currently has a location in Minot and the expansion to Bismarck has been in the works for some time. The 10,000-square-foot golf shop will have golf simulators, food, drinks, and leagues available to play in"  - this is a perfect way to bring out the whole family, whether you are a beginner or not. Don't let your golf clubs collect cobwebs sitting out in the garage all winter long, put them to good use.

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