In times of need, we need connection with our friends and family - especially when that time in need is spent in a hospital bed. But because of Coronavirus, hospital patients get little-to-no visitation from their loved ones. Of course, this is to help prevent spread of the illness. But how can patients connect with their loved ones while hospitalized?

Two employees at CHI St. Alexius in Bismarck wanted to help patients connect with the outside world. According to KX News, Carolyn Carpenter and JoAnn Mahlmann contacted phone companies, looking for help with connecting patients with their families. With a little perseverance and some phone calls, a California company donated 100 phone chargers to CHI St. Alexius, so patients could charge their devices and stay in contact with their friends and families. Get the full story here.

Now, having access to a phone charger may not seem like the biggest deal ever, but the women in the KX News report say that people generally don't think about bringing phone chargers to hospitals. So, they wanted to do anything they could to help patients feel more comfortable with hospital stays during the pandemic - so they are providing phone chargers.

At a time like this, electronic devices are the best way patients can get comfort from their loved ones. I think it is amazing that Carolyn and JoAnn went above and beyond for their patients with getting the phone chargers. It shows true love and compassion for people. Just another example that not all heroes wear capes, and a little gesture can make a big impact.

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