Even though you may disagree with this list from Livability, Bismarck came in the top 10 most affordable cities to live.

We already know we have it good in North Dakota, but now the rest of the county knows it, as Bismarck captures the #2 spot of the most affordable cities to live in. Livability.com used the following criteria to come up with the top 10-

They examine cost of living and how that compares to national averages for key components of the budget like housing, transportation, food and utilities. They look for cheap places, but they also look for places with high incomes to make those cheap costs go even further.

Our editors look for places with high livability, as determined by our LivScore, and low income inequality. Finally, once there is a short list in place, our editors factor in their own knowledge of these cities and look for a good balance of sizes, geographies and types of cities.

Here are the top spots-

  • #1 Huntsville, AL
  • #2 Bismarck, ND
  • #3 Rochester, MN
  • #4 Round Rock, TX
  • #5 Sioux Falls, SD

Even though we may think the cost of living here is higher than most places, the editors of this list don't see it that way. You can see the complete list here.