It looks like Bismarck-Mandan is losing a photo studio. According to a message on the JCPenney Portraits voicemail/phone menu, the JCPenny studio is set to permanently close.

Personally, I like to get all of my photos done by local photographers, but I understand that many other people have enjoyed going to JCPenney for many years. If I'm not mistaken, a JCPenny Portrait studio is where my family often went for our photos.

JCPenny Trend

For the past couple years, there's been a trend, where people reenact/retake JCPenney photos to look like old ones that were done when they were kids in the 80s or early 90s. They then get gifted to their parents. Unfortunately, that will not be a possibility soon in Bismarck.

An End To An Era

In the message, it says the last day of business for the JCPenney Portrait studio is March 2nd, so it’s right around the corner.

This was also announced on Bismarck's People Reporting News Facebook page; people started commenting, saying they were sad to hear the news.

Many people remember working at that particular studio and others reminisced on getting photos done with their family.

Changes To The Store

There have been a lot of changes inside the JCPenney store as of late.

Sephora used to be located inside of it, it but since moved to Kohl’s. To replace that , JCPenney started its own beauty store. It just recently got set up and running.

Now, we say farewell to the photo studio.

Are you sad to see the JCPenney portrait studio go? Will you be making a last-minute photo shoot?


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