Did you or somebody you know ever have a fake ID?  I never had one, but I sure know a lot of people who did.  Fake IDs are big business and people pay big money to obtain one.

Underage drinking is a HUGE problem in North Dakota.  Studies show it leads to excessive/binge drinking later in life as adults.  Now, the Bismarck Police Department has teamed up with Bismarck Burleigh Public Health and local colleges to help curb underage drinking.  They are working up with area bars and restaurants with new technology to spot fake IDs.  Because fake IDs are such big business these days, they are very difficult to spot even by the trained eye of the most seasoned bouncer.

I spoke with Susan Kahler, SAP Coordinator with Bismarck Burleigh Public Health and she said they are using a Fake ID Scanner that began as a pilot project back in August of 2021.  Since the start of using this technology, it has resulted in 107 fake IDs being confiscated to date.

Susan also mentioned that once a liquor license establishment such as a restaurant, bar, or convenience store, agrees to use the Fake ID Scanner, the establishment will receive training on the device from Bismarck Police Department officer Caity Horne.  The businesses will then turn in any collected fake IDs to BPD.  By the way, the Fake ID Scanners are provided FREE to area businesses to use.  The Bismarck Police Department currently has 5 of these scanners that rotate around town with different establishments.  They cost around $5,300 dollars.

This pilot program was first used in North Dakota in Grand Forks.  It was very successful in that University town. It's hoped this program will benefit the Bismarck Mandan area the same way and help ease underage drinking.


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