With the temperature set to hit 100 degrees this Friday, you are probably wondering if Bismarck's outdoor pools are yet open for the 2021 summer swimming season.

The calendar may say that summer is not "officially" here until June 20, but North Dakotans like to start the season a few weeks early. Especially when the weather is about to hit 100 degrees at the beginning of the month! We know that Raging Rivers in Mandan opens June 3, but when do Bismarck's outdoor pools open for the season?

The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District's pools open on Monday, June 7!

While Bisparks website states that the Splash Pad is closed for this year, there are still three pools for the community to enjoy this summer. According to the Bisparks website, the Elks Aquatic Center, Hillside Aquatic Complex, and Paul H. Watcher Aquatic Complex will be open, starting Monday, June 7! Learn more about passes and summer hours.


Locations for Bismarck Parks' Pools

Elks Aquatic Center - 321 W. Broadway Ave

Hillside Aquatic Complex - 1719 E. Boulevard Ave

Paul H. Wachter Aquatic Center - 205 E. Reno Avenue


I moved to Bismarck in the dead of winter, only a few months before the pandemic overtook our lives. So, I did not get a real chance to fully experience summer fun in Bismarck-Mandan! I can't wait to take my niece to the beautiful outdoor pools we have in our community.

Which Bismarck-Mandan outdoor pool is your family's favorite to spend your summer days?

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