In terms of cities with populations between 20,000 and 100,000, Bismarck ranks among the top cities in the country for 'livability.'

According to the AARP Research Report, Bismarck ranks 7th on the list of 'Top-Performing Small Cities in 2018.' Over 50 national data sources were used in the research to score each neighborhood and community in the U.S. The criteria was based on seven different categories of livability including housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity.

Bismarck scores were especially higher in civic engagement, housing affordability, opportunities for work, and opportunities for all ages.

The top ten small cities for livability were as follows:

  1. Fitchburg, Wisconsin
  2. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  3. La Crosse, Wisconsin
  4. Lafayette, Colorado
  5. Silver Spring, Maryland
  6. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
  7. Bismarck, North Dakota
  8. Brookline, Massachusetts
  9. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  10. Portland, Maine

The first list for livability in small cities was published in 2015 on the AARP Research Report. Bismarck is one of only four from this year's top ten that finished in the top ten in 2015, along with Fitchburg, La Crosse, and Sun Prairie (all from Wisconsin).

So next time you're thinking how you could like living somewhere else, remember that with all general living conditions considered, we have it pretty good right here in Bismarck.

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