Just one day after National Heat Awareness Day (observed the last Friday in May), Bismarck set a record high temperature for May 26th.

The previous record-high temperature for Bismarck on May 26th was 92 degrees in 2006. That was surpassed this afternoon when the National Weather Service in Bismarck announced a new record-high temperature on Twitter.

That being said, remember to take the necessary precautions on hot days. If you're working outside, frequently take breaks in the shade, don't leave kids or pets unattended inside a hot car, and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids, but do make sure you choose the right fluids unlike the clip below.

That's right! Today, milk was a bad choice. Please hydrate appropriately.

The National Weather Service has also tweeted out the forecast for the remainder of your Memorial Day weekend.

Summer's not even technically here yet, and we're already reaching record-setting temperatures in the 90s. As Ron Burgundy would say, "That escalated quickly."

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