Bismarck Parks and Recreation District has plans to renovate Kiwanis Park.

The plans include some upgrades to the park that's located just off Washington near the Bismarck Municipal Ballpark.

According to KFYR, the plan is to add some new fitness equipment that will include fitness pods and a bench. Visitors will be able to do a series of exercises within the recreation area.

Officials hope the new addition of fitness equipment for the outdoor space will encourage more people to get out and get active. Bismarck Parks and Rec Operations Manager David Mayer said in an interview with KFYR, "We are looking to increase activity in that park give people other options for fitness and exercise."

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District is hoping to get the funding needed for the project, approximately $40,000, from a Community Development Block Grant.

Those who are looking for more spots in Bismarck to stay active may have another one coming in the near future at Kiwanis Park.

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