The first approved medical marijuana facility in North Dakota may have products available for purchase as early as December and January.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, Pure Dakota LLC, one of the two companies selected by North Dakota state health officials to operate growing centers, has things up and running.

The manufacturing facility in Bismarck is at 7428 Yukon Drive. Despite the fact that the 20,000 square-foot facility is still under construction, areas in the facility, where the plants are growing, are operational. The facility houses a total of 1,000 plants, which is the maximum allowed by state medical marijuana law.

Residents of North Dakota can begin applying for medical marijuana registry cards on Monday (October 29th).

In order to apply for a medical marijuana registry card, a patient must acquire a written certification from their health care provider, which could be their physician or advanced registered nurse in North Dakota. Should a patient be approved for a medical marijuana registry card, the cards are expected to be distributed in December.


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