Fargo's vacant Kmart building is being turned into affordable living for senior citizens.

According to Valley News Live, the old Kmart building in Fargo will be flip-turned into an affordable senior living community. It is reported that when the building transformation is complete, the residents will not only live in an affordable place, but they will also have access to a community room, library, and fitness center.

Bismarck has a vacant Kmart. Maybe it should be used for people in need?

Even before the Bismarck Kmart closed, I have had conversations with people about what should go into the building. While something like a skating rink would be totally awesome, what if something was done that would help people who really need it? It could be turned into a place for the elderly, people escaping bad home lives, or homeless people.

There is a need for assistance in the BisMan community.

There actually will soon be a new place in Bismarck for all people in the community who need help. Earlier this year, ground broke on the Dream Center. It will reportedly be a place where people can get food and other types of assistance. The press release about the ground-breaking ceremony also detailed that there are nearly 7,000 residents who live at or below the poverty line. So, there definitely is a need for assistance in the community.

How do you think Bismarck's old Kmart building should be utilized?

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