A Former "American Idol" hopeful from North Dakota is now competing for another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Back in 2017, KFYR-TV reported that a 16-year-old Mandan girl named Brianna Helbling was one of only five (out of more than 400) North Dakotans who were chosen for "American Idol." Just a few years later, Brianna is now competing in another musical competition. This time, she needs North Dakota's vote to become an opener for a major musical act at a major musical event.

North Dakotans can vote daily for Briana.

Today, Brianna Helbling announced on social media that she is competing to get into the "Top 15" performers vying for a chance to share a stage with some of the biggest acts on the planet. She hopes to perform at the Hollywood Bowl. Fans can vote daily, and voting for the "Top 15" closes on August 26.

It is about time a major female North Dakota celebrity becomes a megastar.

We have some famous names and faces that have roots in North Dakota. But, when you think of celebrities from our state, many people initially think of Josh Duhamel or Carson Wentz. And, while we have been celebrating the momentum of Tigirlily's gaining recognition, we have yet to get to the point where a female North Dakota celebrity is a household name, like Josh Duhamel and Carson Wentz. North Dakotans would be proud that an uber-successful, worldwide female artist came from their home state.

Have you ever seen Brianna Helbling perform live?

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