The end of school is near and the summer months are approaching. Help the kids stay active and entertained this summer by bringing them to these Bismarck playrgounds!

Bismarck is full of some of the best playgrounds in the state. Start planning your summer activities by adding these specific playgrounds to your 'must-visit' list.

  • TSM Bismarck

    North Central Park

    830 Central Ave.

    North Central Park has more than just a great playground. Other amenities include:

    • Basketball Court
    • Horseshoe Pit
    • Picnic Shelter
    • Soccer/Softball Field
    • Tennis Courts
    • Volleyball Courts
    • & more!

    What more do you need for a summer day filled with fun for the whole family?

  • TSM Bismarck

    Elks Aquatic Facility

    321 W. Broadway Ave

    You may hear Elks Aquatic Facility and just think of the pool. However, they have added a really fun playground open to the public right outside the pool area. Younger kids will have a blast with the tunnels, slides, bridges and nice padded mats to limit injury.


    Igoe Park

    2413 Tyler Parkway

    The fire house theme is very appropriate as it is located right next to a fire station. While the tower-like structure is geared towards ages 5-12, younger ones will have fun on the fire truck. Children will have a blast 'scoping' out fires with the telescope and ringing the bell!


    General Sibley Park

    5001 South Washington St.

    If you have both young and older kids, General Sibley Park is perfect for you. There is a fun playground for the younger kids but it also offers:

    • Disc Golf Course
    • Sand Volleyball Court
    • Horseshoes
    • & more!

    Jaycee Centennial Park

    321 East Century Ave.

    The best part about Jaycee Centennial Park? It's like having two parks in one. A bridge in the main part of the park will lead you to a separate park. You'll also enjoy the wide open space, large hill and the wooded area to explore.


    Sons of Norway Park

    1502 E. Bismarck Expressway

    Sons of Norway Park has everything to accommodate your playground-loving child. However, it does have something most don't have -- a skate park. Other features include:

    • Tennis Court
    • Volleyball Court
    • Horseshoes

    All of this and more with a little Norwegian heritage worked in.