Valley News Live reports that some North Dakota State University graduates are doing great things to keep drunk people off the roads. According to the report, Buzi Bus - a van pickup service - has given about 5,000 rides. The service began when a couple of guys decided that Fargo needed a shuttle service for students to get to-and-from downtown safely. Get the full story from Valley News Live here.

Buzi Bus's website shows a map of the route and allows riders to book pickup times. On the site, riders can see the route, information about drunk driving, and more. And not only can you book weekend rides later than you can find most Lyfts/ Ubers, Buzi Bus also provides a "bar crawl chauffeur' option. Learn more about Buzi Bus here.

As a former college student, an option like this would have been wonderful! At the time I was in college, Lyft and Uber existed, but the state of North Dakota was not allowing such a service. And it was never easy to get a cab to-and-from the bars on any busy night.

What else is great about a service like Buzi Bus is that it runs until nearly 4:00 AM on the weekends. Which is perfect for those who like to enjoy the afterparties. It is so convenient because it is probably harder to find a cab company, Lyft, or Uber driver at that time in North Dakota. Believe me, I have tried to get rides at weird times, it is not easy to get one.

I know Bismarck is not quite the college town that Fargo is, but I think a safe riding route for rowdy college kids would be a wonderful addition to our community!

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