Over the river and through the woods was too long for this little one to wait to make their appearance!

Sandra Vilchez is a fourth-time new mom whose three-, four- and six-year-olds were all reluctant to leave the womb. Labor with all three was induced after Vilchez carried them to full-term. As such, she was not expecting the eagerness with which her youngest arrived.

Very early on the morning of September 20, Vilchez, with her husband Bolivar behind the wheel and their three older children in the backseat, had set out on the drive to her mother's house.

It was only six days until her due date, but considering her history, Vilchez wasn't concerned about an early birth.

But baby Savannah was ready, a fact which became clear when contractions began unexpectedly and intensified rapidly.

Within moments, Vilchez' water broke, and, "As they drove onward, she said, 'her head popped out,'" KX News reports.

Bolivar, 35, quickly pulled over on to the freeway's shoulder, and the ex-Marine was "terrified" as he helped coax their new daughter in to the world.

Savannah was born at 4:21am, weighing a healthy 11 pounds, 6 ounces, and measuring 22 inches.

The fire department arrived shortly thereafter to assist with cutting the umbilical cord.

Mother and baby were taken to Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim and are doing well.