Have you ever been to a cat cafe?

Do you know what a cat cafe is? It is a cute little place where you can enjoy food and drinks and spend time with some wonderful, typically adoptable, cats. And one North Dakota city is soon to get one of these fluffy wonderlands.

Minnesota is getting its first cat cafe.

I recently read that Minnesota was getting its first cat cafe, and I was so excited I almost wrote about why a person should road trip to North Dakota's closest one. But, then, I learned that we are getting our own cat cafe. So, you will not have to travel too far.

North Dakota is getting its first cat cafe, too! And it will be the first in the country that takes cryptocurrency.

While I was scrolling through Facebook, one of my fellow cat-loving friends posted that she was today years old when she learned that Fargo is getting a cat cafe! There is a Facebook page for a little place called PURRfect Cup Cafe. I can't seem to find information on when the cat cafe will open, but we do know that it is coming soon and that it will accept cryptocurrency.

There has been another attempt in North Dakota to open a cat cafe.

If you Google "cat cafe North Dakota," you may be surprised to learn that PURRfect Cup Cafe is not the first cat cafe in the state. Well, maybe it is, but it is not the first attempt. In fact, there is a story about a cat cafe that was supposed to open in 2019 - Cathy's Cat Cafe. Unfortunately, the only information I found on it was an article projecting the cafe's opening and there appears to be no other information about it.

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