Can you guess with two A-listers were spotted in Minnesota this past weekend?

Have you ever encountered a celebrity? It is definitely a surreal experience to run into one in the wild. But can you imagine the shock if you saw a celebrity walk through the doors of your "mom and pop" midwest business? What about if two celebrities visited your business on the same day?

The two celebs found themselves in a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant.

That exact thing happened to a family who owns a local Vietnamese restaurant in Minneapolis. This past weekend, both Justin Bieber and Dave Chappelle visited the Lotus Restaurant. Fox 9 reports that Dave Chappelle was in town for a screening of his documentary, "Untitled," but there is no word on why Justin Bieber was there. SIDENOTE: everyone may have been geeking out about the Biebs, but I would 100% be on the lookout for his wife, Hailey!

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Sometimes, even being in the same room as a celebrity can be thrilling. But it is a whole other level of excitement to actually meet one! I have actually met a few celebrities, right here in North Dakota! And the very first one I ever met was our state's celebrity pride and joy, Josh Duhamel.

I met Josh Duhamel when he was first getting famous - he had just starred alongside Kate Bosworth in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. My friend and I were at the Dakota Square Mall in Minot to see the movie Dukes of Hazzard. The movie let out and we noticed a commotion in the mall. Josh Duhamel was there to meet his North Dakota fans and I was totally starstruck.

Have you ever met a celebrity?

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