A mom in Yiwu City, China has landed herself in water as hot as the car she refused to let firefighters break into, to rescue her distressed child.

In a case of grossly misplaced priorities, the mom, whose 3-year-old son had become trapped in her BMW after it "accidentally locked itself" (according to Yahoo! News), refused rescue by emergency respondents because it was "too expensive" and she didn't want to damage it.

Horrified onlookers and firefighters could only watch helplessly as the misguided mom called a locksmith and insisted on waiting until the smith arrived to remove her crying son from the vehicle.

Finally, as the child became faint in the failing -- and stifling -- oxygen, firefighters decided they'd had enough and broke the window anyway to save the child's endangered life.

Social media users wasted no time verbally ripping mom apart, commenting, "The mother shouldn’t have left her kid in the car in the first place," and, "It looks like the car is her real son."