KVRR (Fargo) is reporting that animal shelters "are seeing an influx in abandoned animals" as people in the Fargo area are getting back to their pre-pandemic routines. One shelter told KVRR that they are near capacity with all of the "pandemic pets" being surrendered.  Get the full story here.

I reached out to Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue (Bismarck) and Central Dakota Humane Society (Mandan) to see what the pet surrender situation is like in western North Dakota. Furry Friends told me that there is a combination of reasons why there would be an influx at this time of year. Furry Friends sees "'holiday' purchases being questioned or in need of support or referrals for training and such." I am waiting on response from Central Dakota Humane Society for their response on the matter.


I have known many people who adopted or purchase animals just to take them to a shelter. I have heard everything from the dog is "too hard to train" or the "cat peed on the new carpet" as reasons why people got rid of their animals. Animals are not disposable.

I was nineteen when I got sweet Yorkshire Terrier, Penelope. I was a fulltime sophomore in college, worked full-time (at one point, three jobs), and somehow managed to party. I was able to take care of Penelope and the thought of ditching her when life "got too hard" has never crossed my mind. I knew what I was getting in to. I made the decision to get a dog and she will be with me until her last breath.

Please, if you don't have the ability to take care of an animal for the entirety of its life, consider getting a plant.

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