Many restaurants have some crazy food challenges that make it so that if you complete the challenge, your meal's free, or you get a free t-shirt or some other weird prize. We now know the craziest food challenge in North Dakota.

Inside Edition (yes, that Inside Edition that does investigations and offbeat stories), recently found the craziest food challenges in every state throughout the country. In North Dakota, Bismarck-Mandan residents will have to take a road trip to take on the craziest food challenge in the state.

About three hours to the northeast of Bismarck is Devil's Lake, ND. In Devil's Lake, there's a restaurant known as Mr. & Mrs. J's Restaurant that is said to have the craziest food challenge in North Dakota.

Inside Edition had this to say about the particular food challenge at Mr. & Mrs. J's Restaurant:

The Pig Out Omelet at Mr. and Mrs. J’s Restaurant is made with an entire carton of eggs, plus a bunch of home fries and some toast. You’ve got to finish this dish in under an hour if you want to consider yourself a challenge champion.

The restaurant has the challenge listed on its menu as '12 eggs with everything, hashbrowns, and toast.' As stated, if you finish it within an hour, you'll get a FREE t-shirt and you'll get to sign your name to their 'Pig Out Board.' What a prize. The meal is available for the reasonable price of $22.99.

There you have it, the craziest food challenge in all of North Dakota. If that's not crazy enough for you, then maybe try the Ron Swanson food challenge, which you can pretty much do at any establishment that serves eggs and bacon (Disclaimer: They might not give you anything free for completing this). See the video below.

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