A mother-son cooking duo from North Dakota is competing to win $100,000 on Crime Scene Kitchen TONIGHT!

KVRR reports that Cathy Jacobson and Thomas McCurdy are in the final four of the new FOX cooking show, Crime Scene Kitchen. The pastry chef and his mother are competing for a $100,000 prize. We will find out tonight if the pair are champions of Crime Scene Kitchen.

Thomas McCurdy is no stranger to showing off his cooking skills on national television.

Did you know that Thomas was the winner of another cooking show before competing on Crime Scene Kitchen? In 2020, he won an episode of Chopped Sweets. After going three rounds of creating "Breakfast for Dessert," he was crowned champion and took home the $10,000 grand prize.

You will drool over the food creations posted on Thomas' Instagram.

I have never tried Thomas' food, but it is obvious that he is an artist in the kitchen. His Instagram is full of pictures of delicious creations. Thomas' page paints a story of the whimsical Ardelia Farm he and his husband, Bailey, own and run out in Vermont.

Thomas and his husband own a whole farm operation in Vermont.

According to Ardelia Farm's website, the couple's farm produces everything from flowers to beef! And their biggest product is by far is their snap peas. They also host events at Ardelia Farm called "Brunch & Blooms." Guests can visit the farm and eat a homemade brunch with organic ingredients, tour the farm and greenhouses, see farm animals, and more!

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