If you like cooking and crime, Fox has a new TV show for you. "Crime Scene Kitchen" debuted on Wednesday (May 26), and the series will feature a North Dakota mom and son duo.

Fox's "Crime Scene Kitchen" will feature a mother-son cooking duo from North Dakota.

Jamestown Sun reports that Devils Lake natives, Thomas McCurdy and Cathy Jacobson will be featured on a new Fox series called "Crime Scene Kitchen." While it is not McCurdy's first time cooking on television, it is his mother's. And the pair will have to solve a crime before they can create their dish.

"Crime Scene Kitchen" provides entertainment for the whole family in the form of mystery, comedy, and cooking.

If you do not already know about the new show, "Crime Scene Kitchen," every episode is going to be a delicious mystery. As the Jamestown Sun puts it, "The culinary detectives must take in all that’s left on the counters — from traces of ingredients to used equipment and dirty dishes — to deduce what was recently made and re-create the dish for judges." The President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at Fox said that "Crime Scene Kitchen" is original, has mysterious family fun, and has a comedic flair added by host, Joel McHale.

Crime and cooking are the entertainment duo that the world never knew it needed! I love the creativity involved in today's cooking competitions. One of my favorite cooking shows is "Nailed It" on Netflix. And that is one show I have considered trying to compete on. Like Thomas and his mother, my mom and I enjoy cooking - our food just does not always look so beautiful. So, "Nailed It" is a great competition for home cooks like us.

What is your favorite cooking show?

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