While on what might have been my third hour scrolling through Facebook videos, something caught my eye.

BFF Podcast

While many of us know David Portnoy as the founder and owner of Barstool Sports, he also is a host on the "BFF Podcast."

Portnoy, along with Josh Richards and Brianna Chickenfry team up to talk about pop culture, celebrities, influencers and TikTok. The podcast launched in October of 2020, and to date, has nearly 550,000 followers on YouTube

Larks Jersey

I happened to notice in one of the BFF Podcast videos that Portnoy was wearing something that looked pretty familiar to me.

I reached out to the Larks yesterday afternoon, just to make sure I wasn't crazy and seeing things. Yup, it's true, Portnoy was wearing a Bismarck Larks jersey on the wildly successful podcast.

I spoke to Isaac Bugarin from the Larks; he told me he sent Portnoy a jersey some time ago. How cool is it that he chose to wear it for the podcast?

Facebook.com, Bismarck Larks
Facebook.com, Bismarck Larks

He wasn't wearing the usual jersey either. He had on the "Missouri River Motorboaters" jersey. -- I'm sure you recall the game where the Larks temporarily changed their name.

Check it out:



,If you're interested, here's the full episode where Portnoy wear the Larks jersey. On this particular episode the hosts talk about Bri's relationship with Zach Bryan.

We love that the Bismarck Larks are getting shown a little love from a celebrity.

Thanks for reading. TTFN!


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