A woman in DeLand, Florida got the surprise of her life last week, when she discovered she had been shot in the leg -- five days after the fact.

Heather Charlebois was enjoying the 4th of July on the patio at DeLand's Cafe Da Vinci, and she felt something hit her leg. Thinking it was a firecracker that had hit her, she went to a nearby bathroom to check it out, and found only a little blood. She thought little of it and went on with her week.

Five days later, when the pain persisted, Charlebois went to the hospital, where doctors told her she had a .38-caliber bullet buried in her leg.

There were no reports of gunfire near Cafe Da Vinci on July 4, and police say the gun may have been shot into the air a distance away; the sound of such might easily be mistaken for that of a firework.