I've never been much of a collector when it comes to money.

I'm a much better spender of U.S. currency than I am a saver or collector.  In fact, it seems like I rarely have cash on me these days with the invention of bank cards.  I know I'm not alone on that one.

I came across an article on AS, that should have you picking through your pockets for dollar bills worth a whole lot more than a dollar.

Thanks to a printing error by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing back in 2014, North American collectors are paying big-time bucks for certain dollar bills.

You see, each United States one-dollar bill is supposed to have its own unique serial number.  According to information by TyC Sports, there are up to 6.4 million dollar bills issued in duplicate with the same serial number.  Collectors are on the prowl searching high and low for these numbers.  Maybe you should be too.

The serial numbers you should be looking for are between B00000001 and B00250000 or B03200001 and B09600000.

There are a couple of other factors that you need to be looking for on your dollar bills too.  There needs to be a "Federal Reserve Stamp" with the letter "B".  Also, the serial number must end with a "star" *.

Those are the numbers that could have your one-dollar bill worth up to $150,000 dollars.

So, how many of these life-changing money dollar bills have been found so far?

According to the article, only 9 duplicated pairs have been found.  Again, it's estimated there are up to 6.4 million duplicates around the world, which means it's likely there are some hiding in North Dakota.

Best of luck, and if you find one in your wallet or purse, don't forget to send a birthday card (December 2nd) with money to your favorite DJ.

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