Domino's will now deliver to locations such as parks, beaches, and other locations that don't necessarily have an address. They're called 'hotspots' and yes, they're even in Bismarck.

Maybe you're hanging out at the park, a golf course, or at a beach and you all of a sudden get a craving for pizza. No address to deliver to? No problem! Domino's is now delivering to over 150,000 'hotspots' across the U.S. If you're thinking that 'maybe they forgot about us up in North Dakota,' nope, they're here in Bismarck.

If you're wondering how it works, the best way is through the Domino's mobile app. You'll need to have your location services turned on so that your GPS technology via your mobile device can take over.


There are hotspots all over Bismarck. From there, you can pick one of the hotspots and then your screen will look something like this:


As you can see from the pic, if you had been having a fun day near Raging Rivers Water Park and had worked up an appetite, that's where I would order pizza. While that waterpark does happen to have an exact address (because not a lot of them do), the hotspot location would instantly be sent to Domino's.

Before you complete your order, you'll be asked if you have any special instruction you need to inform your delivery driver of, like maybe if you're wearing a certain color of shirt or hat of some sort, or if you're sitting in a different color of chair that others nearby are sitting in. You can be as specific as needed.

Upon paying, real-time updates will be available via text message on the progress of your pizza.

With warmer temperatures finally approaching in the Bismarck forecast, this is the perfect time to order a pizza while out and about. Thanks for the new option, Domino's!