I have a love-hate relationship with the paranormal world. Like, I love to watch it, read about it, listen to podcasts about, and take haunted tours. Really the only thing I do not like about the paranormal world is a haunted house - real or fake. And I have to be honest, I am a little scared that, if I ever purchase a house, it will be a real life haunted house.

Now, I do not think I have ever even had a real paranormal encounter. I am a bit skeptical, but I also kind of think my old apartment in Fargo may have been a little haunted. But the couple of strange instances most likely could be explained away. So, I am not a full-blown believer, but I am not entire a non-believer either.

Now, the small piece of me that believes in the afterworld is a little paranoid that the future house I purchase and have a 30-plus-year commitment to will be one that is haunted. Like, so badly haunted that there is a portal in the basement or something. So, you can bet that I will be asking the realtor about any haunted histories attached to houses we look at.

But did you know that, in North Dakota, "stigmatized events" in a home for sale do not have to be disclosed to buyers? OmegaHome has disclosure laws by state, and here is what it says for North Dakota: "North Dakota is a 'buyer beware' state, meaning that any facts pertaining to stigmatized events are not required to be disclosed. Additionally, an agent can only provide disclosure of such facts that the seller authorizes." So, that means that North Dakota realtors legally do not have to tell potential buyers about it if there was a haunting, murder, suicide, or sexual assault on the premises.


Well, the person who tries to sell me a house better be answering my questions about these "stigmatized events," or I will not be purchasing.

Would you ever knowingly purchase a haunted house?

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