Just in time for summer, one of North Dakota's most famous snack companies is releasing a new flavor. Take a second and imagine the sweet and savory flavors of the Honey Mustard Dot's Pretzels.

This Summer, Dot's Pretzels is releasing their new Honey Mustard flavor pretzels.

Dot's Pretzels are some of the most famous snacks to come out of North Dakota. While we were happy with the butter and spiced pretzel twists, the creators at Dot's Pretzels have spoiled us with more and more new flavors and pretzel options. Along with the original pretzels, customers can get Southwest seasoned pretzels, chocolate pretzel bars, a homestyle rub, and cheese twists with a kick! Now, Dot's Pretzels is rolling out a new pretzel flavor for its cult followers.

Yesterday (May 10) afternoon, Dot's Pretzels made a Facebook announcement that the new pretzel flavor/ name, Honey Mustard, is "slowly, but surely... making a tour around the country!" The post stated that we should expect to see the newest addition to the pretzel line will be available in stores this summer.

Do you know how Dot's Pretzels became a household name around the country? According to AP News, Dot (the creator) was a woman who seasonally made her pretzels from her house in Velva. Then, her snacks got picked up by a gas station in Minot. Next, it was the oilfield workers who began purchasing up all the pretzels before the craze spread throughout the midwest. After that, even Shaquille O'Neal raved about Dot's Pretzels at one point. Learn more about Dot's Pretzels humble beginnings here.

What is your favorite snack from Dot's Pretzels?

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