Isn't it sickening that we are constantly seeing North Dakota sexual predators getting only a "slap on the wrist" for heinous crimes? If you don't think it is happening all too frequently, you should Google "sexual crimes North Dakota" and click on the "News" option. There are pages of disturbing stories, and these stories come out almost daily. Yet for some reason, there are so many shocking stories of predators who end up getting light sentences (or no real sentence at all).

In 2019, Adler Scheer, a Martial Arts instructor in Bismarck, was arrested for allegedly recording his young female students in the locker room AND for allegedly touching an 11-year-old inappropriately (according to KFYR-TV). Scheer plead guilty and was recently sentenced, and you can guess what happened - he's walking free as if he didn't VIOLATE CHILDREN. He spent two days in jail and won't have to register as a sex offender (according to KFYR-TV). Now, after online backlash, it has come out that the reason Scheer is free is due to an investigative error (according to KFYR-TV).

I am struggling to put together thoughts about this news. If the video and confessions are, in fact, FACTUAL, Scheer should never see freedom another day in his life. But because of this "investigative error" he is now free to SEXUALLY HARM CHILDREN until he is caught again. The Bismarck Tribune says that "Scheer must successfully complete the treatment program he has started, must not have contact with anyone under the age of 18 and can’t own surveillance equipment." Yeah, that will cure him of his pedophilia. NOT.

If I were to really go-off about this topic, I would have to write a book. How could the police make such an error on the investigation? So much for "protecting and serving." Because of careless investigation (yes, beyond careless) and unlawful searching, Scheer is free to live his life as a predator while his victims and families are left to deal with the lifelong trauma he potentially caused them. Anyone who might think that someone like this can change for the better is delusional.


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