On November 20, 2020, Governor Tim Walz put a four week "dial back" that forced Minnesota bars and restaurants to temporarily end in-person services. The owner of the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks decided to reopen her restaurant, despite the governor's order. Now, Jane Moss is potentially facing legal troubles and potentially jail time.

I searched Jane Moss and happened across a fund to help her with her possible legal battle with Minnesota. When I followed the link to action4liberty.com, I found that Jane's supporters are willing to financially help her battle the state. Last night (December 14), the fund for Jane was just over $10,500. Now, as I write this, the fund just over $14,000 and rapidly closing in on the $20,000 goal!

On top of an Attorney General-issued restraining order and temporary loss of a liquor license, action4liberty.com says that Jane Moss could also face jail time. These measures were taken against her because her Minnesota business is currently open and operating. Basically, she and her employees stand to lose everything because the government is coming down with an iron fist.

Before the pandemic, the overall belief in America was that you work whether you are sick or not. I worked in the service industry for 10 years, both in retail and as a hairstylist. My fiancé has worked in restaurants since he was a teenager. Before 2020, there was literally no excuse for not coming to work unless you had your shift covered. You're sick with no shift coverage? Oh, well! You better be at work or you could lose your job. And nobody wanted to lose their job at that point, either. So, they worked sick.

Now, for some reason, the arrival of Coronavirus made it so the entire world has to bend to the will of any and all government executive orders? People who work for tips or who live paycheck-to-paycheck cannot survive being forced out of work if there is no financial help. A one-time $1,200 check does nothing for people who actually have to worry about their bills.

On top of that, the PPP thing did not do enough to help small businesses, when we can see that they are permanently closing due to pandemic-created mandates. It is no wonder that service industry owners and workers are fighting to go back to work. To force businesses to close and to force non-sick people out of work without providing any real financial relief is actually destroying lives.

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