On Wednesday (December 16), Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota loosened COVID-19 restrictions on gyms, while extending the mandate that halted in-person services in bars and restaurants. While some were expecting the governor to extend his bar and restaurant mandate, many Minnesota businesses decided they would reopen with-or-without the Governor Walz's approval.

The ReOpen Minnesota Coalition Facebook group is a page dedicated to being a voice for Minnesota business owners trying to reopen for business. The page has a list of businesses that are reopening in the next couple of days in Minnesota. Unfortunately, a couple of businesses that were open even before the governor's extension announcement are facing troubles with the state.

While Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison slapped a restraining order on the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, another business owner has actually been to court in a battle with the state of Minnesota. Larvita McFarquhar, owner of Havens Garden in Minnesota, has been issued a Temporary Injunction and is being forced to cease in-person operation at her establishment.

If Larvita does not close down the in-person services at Havens Garden, she could face fines and jail time in accordance with Governor Walz's "dial back" mandate. But Larvita will not close her restaurant, she will fight for it. Check out her Facebook live message below:

Other business owners like Larvita McFarquhar are also standing up to the State of Minnesota. There are about 150 other businesses in Minnesota that are reopening in the next couple of days. Check out the video of Minnesota business owners pleading their cases to the Senate:

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