There is a new escape room coming to Bismarck in 2022.

Escape rooms are popular to do with your friends and family who are into solving mysteries and puzzles. I have always thought it would be fun to do one - specifically one where my group would solve a crime - but I have yet to get the chance to do it. If you have also always wanted to do an escape room, there is a new one coming to Bismarck. And you could possibly get to test it for free.

BreakoutND is looking for Beta Testers to try out escape rooms before the business opens.

A new escape room is getting ready to open in Bismarck. BreakoutND is set to open on March 1, but they need a little help testing out their escape rooms before the general public comes to play. According to a Facebook post on Bismarck's People Reporting News (BPRN), BreakoutND is looking for Beta Testers to try out escape rooms and give feedback on the experience. The escape room's website features a sign-up form to be a room tester.

What is BreakoutND?

Bismarck's new escape room is run by a family that has always loved adventuring and exploring. According to BreakoutND's website, the family has been through more than 25 escape rooms in seven different states. And, thanks to an idea from their teenage son, they decided to turn their family hobby into a business.

Have you ever gone through an escape room?

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