The picture shown would be an improvement over the temps we woke up to across the Bismarck-Mandan region this morning.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature reached -30 in Bismarck this morning. At about the same time that was recorded, a Miami meteorologist by the name of Steve MacLaughlin tweeted this:

First of all, Bismarck*. And second, the fact that he's making his audience feel better about a 69 degree wind chill by letting them know it feels more than 100 degrees colder here with our -44 wind chill. Not only did he spell our name wrong, but he had to show pity on us.

Not that we can't take it by all means. We're #NorthDakotaTough up here. It's always interesting to see what other parts of the country think of the climate we deal with during the winter.

No worries, we got this, Bismarck. Stay warm this weekend and make the most of it. We can always find ways to make a party happen in subzero temps. We've done it a million times.

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