If you're watching sports as intensely as I have this fall, then good luck getting caught up on your favorite shows.

Fall is my favorite season. It always has been. The entertainment level on television is at an all-year high. New seasons of your favorite shows are starting up, football is on every week, and of course the baseball playoffs are on. If you're an intense sports fan, or maybe if you're just looking for history to be made, there's a good chance you're probably missing all your favorite shows. I know I am.

Let's go ahead and get one thing out of the way; I am well aware that I watch way too much television. Way more than anyone should be allowed to watch on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Even so, I've already fallen behind on all the shows I watch. This past month, I don't even know if I even opened Netflix. That's an absolutely insane sentence I just typed.

This season, Westworld started on HBO. It's a show I waited months for to premiere, which is amazing by the way, and possibly the best show I've ever seen where I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

The Walking Dead on AMC is back! If you've opened your Facebook, you know how amazing and for some, how terrifying that season premiere was.

And Atlanta on FX is amazing! Donald Glover is a superstar in the making for writing that show and his comedic talents are the most underrated of anyone around as an actor (in case you don't realize it, he was a writer on 30 Rock and he starred in Community). Oh yeah, he's also a fantastic rapper in his downtime, going by the name of Childish Gambino.

All these shows are on this fall, and I'm so far behind on them already! Luckily the technology gods created DVR at some point. So  there's that, but they're just sitting there in my DVR, not being seen, because fall is the greatest time of the year for sports!

In case you haven't noticed, there's an amazing World Series going on that's currently in the process of being forced to a game 7 by a Chicago Cubs team that hasn't won a championship since just before William Howard Taft was elected, and a Cleveland Indians team that is so bad traditionally, there was once a movie franchise made about that very idea that also starred Charlie Sheen (let's all agree now that the first Major League was fantastic and they shouldn't have made a second...or whatever that third movie was in that franchise).

Oh and by the way, football is on pretty much every day of the week now somehow. At a minimum, my weekends are consumed by it.

At this point, this may seem like I'm complaining. Absolutely not! Fall has allowed me to have the best problem in the world. Any given time this fall, I will never say, "There's nothing good on." That has become an impossibility and I love it! I haven't even mentioned Netflix, except for once in this rant, which is kind of amazing in itself. I haven't even began to think about streaming anything this past month. So thank you, television, you've made my fall.

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