The recent protesting has been intense, to say the least. The protests in North Dakota have mostly remained peaceful, but there was a riot in Fargo this past Saturday (May 30). Last night, it was reported that a Fargo police officer was a part of last weekend's protest in Fargo. There has since been criticism of the officer's actions. Some may wonder what his intentions were during the protest

According to the Inforum (Fargo), Fargo Deputy Police Chief, Todd Osmundson, was dressed in street clothes and a mask at the Black Lives Matter protest in Fargo on May thirtieth. The story also says that Osmundson was walking around with a beer can, a protest sign, and yelled, "F**k the police." Fellow officers made complaints about Osmundson's actions. So, what exactly was he doing at the protest?

The Inforum is reporting that Osumundson says his intention was to be undercover, looking out for trouble. The story says that he was on the lookout for long guns. Naturally, someone doing an undercover operation would want to blend in. However, it is reported that Osmundson didn't have permission to do an undercover mission. Osmundson does acknowledge the situation, his actions, and accepts full responsibility. Find out more about the the situation from the Inforum here.

Shorty after the initial story was released, Valley News Live (Fargo) reported that Osmundson was placed on unpaid leave, effective immediately. He is set to be on unpaid leave for one week.


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