The Fargo Police Department is looking to make an impact on North Dakotans by educating the public about suicide prevention.

KVRR reports that the Fargo Police Department is working to prevent teen suicide. The department has put together a 23-minute documentary that shows interviews of people who have been impacted by suicide - family members, friends, officers, and even a person who was unsuccessful at his own suicide attempt. Get the full story here.

According to the documentary's website, two Fargo teenagers have taken their lives in the past year. Because of these tragedies, the Fargo Police Department decided to make the educational video. And it is actually a free video that can be used in classrooms. Learn more about "Break the Silence" here.

How do you recognize the signs of a suicidal person?

It may not be easy to know if someone is suicidal or not. But recognizing telltale signs can make a world of difference in saving someone's life. But there are signs that people can look for, and there are steps that people can take to help someone who is potentially suicidal. Get details about how to recognize the signs of a suicidal teenager and how to talk to them about getting help here.

If you are feeling suicidal, please know that someone does care about your life, and take the steps to ask for help!

There are avenues you can take to get help. There are suicide hotlines, therapists, friends, family, and other people who do care about your life. Whether you feel like it or not, your life is important and valuable. And the decision to end your life will be painful to more people than you realize.

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