The Fargo Police Department just released an anti-cyberbullying video.

And that is (basically) exactly what the Fargo Police Department did (kind of). The Fargo Police Department put together a music video to spread a message about cyberbullying to kids and teens.

The Fargo Police Department definitely got creative when it came to sending out their anti-cyberbullying message.

When I got the email that the Fargo Police put out a video to encourage young people to treat each other with kindness, I thought I would be watching one of those videos that are kind of the human equivalent of the ASPCA commercials. You know, the ones where Sarah McLachlan sings that haunting song, "In the Arms of an Angel"? Like, we would be hearing emotional messages from kids and officers about the effects of bullying. But that is how they appealed to millennials, so I was wrong.

Check out the inspirational anti-cyberbullying rap video for "Way Up."

This anti-bullying video is a whole rap video called "Way Up." It starts with a police officer rapping about the cruel experience some teens face in their lives. The video itself tells the story of a girl being bullied on social media after a meme was made using her picture. The story ends on a happier note, with issues being resolved and instances of encouraging friends.

What do you think of the "Way Up" anti-cyberbullying music video?

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