Just today, my fiancé and I were talking about the need for more HEALTHY takeout meal options in Bismarck. We both work a lot, so we do not always want to cook our meals - especially during the workday lunch hour. So, we were pleasantly surprised to stumble across a place called Feel Good Nutrition while we were out for lunch this afternoon.

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Feel Good Nutrition is a new healthy shop that will be offering a variety of flavors for healthy shakes and teas. But this will not be the typical healthy shake shop. This will be a shake shop with a hometown vibe, an Instagram photo wall, and music videos!

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We stopped in to check out Feel Good Nutrition and were greeted by the owner, Melissa Coply, her daughter, and a couple of other friendly faces in the shop. Melissa is excited to be open in Bismarck and to, not only meet, but KNOW the faces and names of the people coming through the doors of Feel Good Nutrition.

WHAT: Feel Good Nutrition

WHERE: Pinehurst Shopping Center
1001 W Interstate Ave, Suite 134

HOURS: Monday - Sunday
6:30 AM - 6:30 PM

NUMBER: (701) 516-0647

Feel Good Nutrition will offer teas, shakes, and snacks. There will be nearly an endless amount of fun and healthy shake options. The shop will be open seven days a week, from 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM. So, you can enjoy a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There will also be curbside pickup and delivery options available at Feel Good Nutrition.

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