Happy Friday to all of our first responder heroes in Bismarck-Mandan. While many of us have to stay home, you are on the front lines, making sure our community is safe. We can't show enough gratitude to first responders for their sacrifices - especially now.


To kick-off our first week of First Responder Recognitionwe are featuring a Mandan firefighter named Steve K. Steve was nominated because of his years of selfless dedication to our community. Steve K.'s wife wrote, "He is a husband and father of three and gives 100% to the Mandan Fire Department. He takes the risk everyday to protect his community." Since August of 1990, Steve has volunteered for the Mandan Rural Fire Department. He's also been with the Mandan Fire Department since June of 1994.

As it turns out, Steve isn't the only hero in his family. His oldest son, Justin, is following his father's career-path. For the past three years, Justin has been a volunteer firefighter in Mandan.

Do you know a local hero? You can nominate him or her on our First Responder Recognition page.

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