Bart the cat, of Tampa, Florida, defied death earlier this month -- even after his distraught owner committed him to the grave.

The 1.5-year-old beloved pet was hit and injured by a car in Tampa. His owner Ellis Hutson asked neighbor Dusty Albritton to bury him, too upset by the loss to do it himself.

Albritton did so, putting Bart to rest in a shallow grave near Hutson's home.

Five days later, a very much not dead Bart dug his way out, despite a broken jaw, ruptured eye and facial abrasions.

Shocked, Hutson called the Humane Society of Tampa, who generously agreed to pay for Bart's care via their Save-A-Pet Medical Fund. Bart then underwent surgery to wire his jaw shut and insert a feeding tube and to remove the injured eye. He should recover in about six weeks.

Whoever said cats are delicate and spoiled clearly never met Bart.